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30 Jan 2018 ... Glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) bars are recognized as a superior ... of GFRP and steel bar reinforced concrete (RC) members subjected to sustained ... The collaboration from V-ROD Canada is also acknowledged.

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OUR PRODUCTS - Fiberglass Rebar - Rock Bolts - Concrete Lifting Anchors - Form Ties. Website ... EPOXY COATED REBAR ALTERNATIVE , FIBREGLASS REBAR, REBAR, and CONCRETE REINFORCEMENT ... V-ROD Fiberglass Rebar.

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Fiberglass rebar Fiberglass rebar is 8 times lighter than steel, and several times harder. It successfully replaces steel rebar all over the world. reinforcing mesh Fiberglass reinforcing mesh is a advantageous alternative to a metal and welded mesh. It is lighter, harder and more durable.

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Composite rebar and a fiberglass mesh is a profitable replacement for concrete structures reinforcement. The list of advantages is available through the link. We manufacture rebar with a periodic winding profile. Diameters are from 4 to 24 millimeters. The rebar is supplied in coils and rods.

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v rod fiberglass concrete reinforcing rebar. Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer. The New Way to. 2018/02/19· Warped Concrete Coffee Table - UHPC - GFRC ...

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4.4.6 Creep and Relaxation of FRP Reinforcing Bars. ... 147.0. 0.015. NEFMAC. 1200. 100.0. 0.012. GLASS FIBRE. V-ROD. 710. 46.4. 0.015. Aslan. 690. 40.8.

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fiberglass rebar, fiberglass, reinforcement, concre te, composites Abstract. The features of the application of FR P reinforcement for concrete reinforcement.

V ROD Fiberglass concrete reinforcing rebar

V-Rod Fiberglass RebarV•ROD rebar offers a level of thermal expansion comparable to concrete due to its 80% silica content. Electric and magnetic neutrality V•ROD rebar does not contain any metal; it


V-ROD GFRP reinforcing used in precast slabs in various marine structures such as piers and jetties where the non-corrosive properties ensure long-term durabilty against salt water. V-ROD GFRP reinforcing was used in main floor slabs and structure walls in chlorination tank of the new water treatment plant in Thetford Mines, Quebec.

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Conventional Reinforcing Steel ... Glass V-Rod ... Standard Specification for Solid Round Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars for Concrete Reinforcement.

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The technology of reinforced concrete is facing a serious degradation problem in structures due to the corrosion of steel rebar. Fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) ...

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Following design codes required in design with FRP rebar: Canada. CSA. CAN/CSA-S6-06(Canadian highway bridge design code) CAN/CSA-S806-02(Design and construction of building component with FRP) ISIS. Design Manual NO.3 (reinforcement concrete structure with FRP) Design Manual NO.5 (Prestressing concrete structure with FRP ) USA. ACI. ACI 440.1R ...

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V-Rod fiberglass rebar - since 1987 Pultrall manufactures V•ROD fiberglass rebars by combining the pultrusion process and an in-line coating process for the outside, sanded surface. The company’s manufacturing processes meet ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

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reinforcement for various structural concrete applications. ... Pultron Composites Ltd, is the GFRP reinforcing bar used in the experimental ... V-ROD standard.